Overcast Skies
By/par Ryan Larkin

Don’t talk to me about sunny days
Sunny skies.
Weather forecast
We have sunny skies over Montreal
A little on the chilly side,
About minus twenty-five
But we have sunny skies
Well don’t talk to me about sunny skies
In a world full of deserts and freezing cold days
Talk to me instead about overcast skies,
Overcast skies
And a chance for rain and a mild snowfall
Overcast skies!


Chez Schwartz
A love poem by / Un poème d'amour par Alexandre Lebel

Long ago before the struggles of war
At the brink of the Great Depression
When forests were still greatly abundant
As the farms and cattle in our rural areas
Where our land and country was at its early birth
Where the cars were still of great luxury
And hard to earn except for the prestigious ones
Of our bourgeoisie class.
Within the boulevard of the Main
Where delis and steakhouses were greatly popular
And where the fame and fortune was born to us all

Just down the mountain slopes of Mont Royal
On the Main Boulevard that splits that city in two
From east to west the crowd line awaits
The finest cuisine of spiced smoked meat
Within the smoke house which is now a great rarity
Where the soldiers would tell their stories
Where citizens would eat like a great united family
With prayer and thanks for so cherished a meal
Unforgotten the craving of the most savoured beef
As the stories and tales that still are shared daily
And the services to be appreciated
From the staff of this steak house deli
And its managers and the great owner
With the remarkable gift he leaves us with
To give to people and the citizens of this great country
A great notable man – Mr. Schwartz

After decades of development of our great city
The crowded lines are twice as big
Stories are twice as long
The flavours of beef and chicken are twice as tempting
The streets are as loud as the crowd inside
Waiting for a turn that is hard to wait for
Yet worth the wait in whichever weather
The season and the rush hour it may be
That wait leaves us with a craving and drawing smiles
Attracting the world, the tourist
And the community of downtown Montreal
And the country as a whole

As we reach the twenty-first century
The world and the country has greatly progressed
Towns are now metropolitan cities
With plenty of work and duties to fulfill
And smoked meat of Schwartz’s is a welcoming sight
For hard working people and their families
Our service remains devoted to our people
With our finest traditions of finest cuisine
And the food we present to all,
An appetizing welcome
The tables we waiters and mangers share
The smoked meat special
So divinely made - it remains unbeaten in every way
We thank the people for their great support
And hope they still line up like they always do.
May God bless them all, always
In services we all devote in our daily lives.

Dedicated to the people of the world
And the great city of Montreal
And Canada, our great country.